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Caffé Quadri

+39 0415222105

With its ornate stucco mouldings, 18th-century murals, huge mirrors and polished wooden furniture, Quadri is every inch the caffè storico. People have been drinking here since 1638, when it was called Il Rimedio. Giorgio Quadri was among the first to bring Turkish-style coffee to Venice when he took the place over in the late 18th century. Stendhal, Wagner and Balzac were habitués. In the evening, a palm orchestra competes out in the square with the one at Florian's opposite, and romantics pay small fortunes to sip cocktails under the stars.

Antico Martini

+39 0415224121

One of Venice's top restaurants started out in 1720 as a cafe, and the Baldi family has since 1921 retained its airy, clubby atmosphere, especially at the outdoor tables in summertime. Venetian specialties such as risotto di frutti di mare and fegato alla Veneziana are prepared perfectly here, but the food, reputation, and location across from the opera house all come at a stiff price. If you want to dine as if you were at a classic Italian wedding, then try the tasting menu, which comes with both a fish and meat secondo broken up by a lemon sorbet. The price of the tasting menu might not even seem that expensive when you consider you probably won't have to dine for the next 24 hours. They also run a piano bar nearby at San Marco 2007 Wednesday through Monday from 10pm.

Al Covo

+39 0415223812

The Binellis are dedicated to providing their guests with the freshest, highest quality fish from the Adriatic, and vegetables, when at all possible, from the islands of the Venetian lagoon and the fields of the adjacent Veneto region. Although their cuisine could be correctly termed "classic Venetian," it always offers surprises like the juicy crispness of their legendary frito misto—reliant upon a secret, non-conventional ingredient in the batter—or the heady aroma of their fresh anchovies marinated in wild fennel, a herb somewhat foreign to Veneto. The main exception to Al Covo's distinct local flavor is Diane's wonderful Texas-inspired desserts, especially her dynamite chocolate cake.

Ai Gondolieri

+39 0415286396

The restaurant is in a quiet area of Venice very close to the Guggenheim Foundation and the Academy Galleries. The restaurant has two rooms and a bar which is at the entrance, where you can still drink a glass of wine or an aperitif. The menu is a winning idea: it is not a standard fish menu but a series of dishes inspired by the season first fruits and very particular meats.

Da Ivo

+39 0415285004

This delightful and distinguished restaurant has a traditional feel and the atmosphere is romantic and warm.. Has the owner to thank for its name. Known as one of the best restaurants in town. It's also a real culinary hot spot where it's all about food plus seeing and being seen. You should try to book a table with view of the canal. Typical Italian furnishing. Warm colors also help create that warm atmosphere. The living room style interior reminds you of days gone by. Celebrities like Elton John were among the guests here. It is located along the water's edge. Closest 'point of interest': Basilica di San Marco. It has a nice terrace. Be prepared for appetizing meals from a very fine Italian cuisine kitchen. The menu consists mainly of traditional dishes. You'll recognise Tuscany cuisine influences. And only the freshest ingredients are used. The steaks (best of town) are a specialty here. Don't forget to check the blackboard for today's specials. Many elegant clientele and politicians visit this restaurant. Very pleasant is the fact that the waiters are friendly and professional. Staff members dress in a professional and formal style.

Da Fiore

+39 041721308

Michelin-starred Da Fiore is considered by many to be Venice's best restaurant. Host Maurizio Martin treats his guests with egalitarian courtesy, while his wife Mara concentrates on getting the food right. Raw fish and seafood is a key feature of the antipasti; primi are equally divided between pasta dishes and a series of faultless risottos. Secondi are all about bringing out the flavour of the fish without smothering it in sauce. It's a good, rather than a superlative, dining experience; but that's Venice for you.


+39 0415221175

Embellished with famous paintings and home to a prestigious international prize for painting - Prize "Menu for the Dove" (1953) - the restaurant "La Colomba" is a place rich in history where art and kitchen are one. After the Second World War, the club became a reference point for the cultural renaissance of Venice and Europe thanks to the attendance of the great protagonists of modern art like Picasso, Widow, De Chirico and Morandi, who left a legacy of sketches and drawings 'author often used to pay the bill! The delicious dishes of fish, prepared based on the best local and international recipes, the restaurant combines an excellent wine list and impeccable service in elegant and cozy, in perfect harmony with other structures San Marco Hotels.

Taverna La Fenice

+39 0415223856

Everything at the restaurant "Taverna La Fenice" means that establishing the special atmosphere you would expect to find in a place that is the organizer of the famous Venetian hospitality that so many celebrities have praised and still is our best business visit.

Ai Mercanti

+39 0415238269

The Restaurant Ai Mercanti, is situated in the heart of Venice, between San Marco square and Rialto Bridge. It serves typical Venetian and International dishes with excellent service.