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Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Next to the Venice Academy Gallery (Gallerie Dell’accademia Di Venezia) in the Palazzo (which means Palace in English) Venier dei Leoni, you will find the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which contains one of Italy's most worthy collections of modern art.  The splendid arrays of modern artworks were acquired by American trendsetter, heiress, and socialite Peggy Guggenheim who was, throughout her lifetime, a staunch patron of the arts.  Ms. Guggenheim resided in Venice throughout her life.

Peggy GuggenheimIndeed Venice’s Guggenheim Art Museum contains works from the most famous European and American modern artists including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, and Alexander Calder, and her husband’s artwork, Max Ernst.  Other artists’ works feature those by de Chirico, Kandinksy, Brancusi and Duchamp.  One of the most interesting Guggenheim exhibitions is that of Gianni Mattioli’s.

But talk about interesting, or, well, let’s just say eccentric, read all about Peggy Guggenheim’s colorful life here. Note that this is also the Guggenheim Museum’s official website.

A sculpture garden is also included amidst Peggy Guggenheim’s treasured collections.  The Guggenheim modern art museum hosts special exhibitions throughout the year.  Go here to read another VeniceExplorer article about Guggenheim and the museum.

Getting there:  The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is located on the Grand Canal between the Church of Santa Maria della Salute and the Accademia Bridge.  From Piazzale Roma or Ferrovia, take vaporetto no. 2, direction Lido, Accademia stop;  From vaporetto no. 1, direction Lido, Accademia or Salute stops; From Piazza San Marco, vaporetto no. 2, direction P. Roma, Accademia  or Salute stops.

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