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Venice Day by Day, since 407 A.C


Luigi Gigio Zanon

This Almanac about Venice History comes from years of research in the Frari Archives, in the Marciana Library and in Correr Museum.
Between old shelves, turning the pages of ancient Buste, Raspe, Commentarii, I could taste the emotion of touching manuscripts, with signatures and seals of Procuratori, Dogi, Condottieres...
I transcribed the many interesting things I have discovered part on books, others on slide-shows, others more are just laying as simple notes on my personal archives.

Luigi "Gigio" Zanon

À the day of greatest cold of that terrible winter.
The chroniclers tell us that not only men, but the wagons were safe from this lagoon to the mainland Dominant frozen. Some young people with weird balance of certain woods walking on ice .


The Doge, his Councillors and Heads of Quarantia may have at their discretion of sandbanks located around the island of San Giorgio Maggiore (sandbanks now disappeared ...).


Decree of the Senate every slave exported from Venice you have to pay a duty of five ducats.


At eighty, after a fifteen Dogado, Erizzo Francis dies, it seems for the fatigue reported during the preparation and study of plans for war against the Turks, who invaded the island of Candia. His tomb is located in San Martino di Castello, while his heart is in the floor of the Basilica of St. Mark, the gospel side of the High Altar, where, covered by the access door to the choir, you see a small marble slab white, with a heart of red marble containing the doge.


He died in Venice, universally lamented, Baldassare Galuppi, said Buranello from the location where he was born in 1706, one of the greatest musicians of Venice 700.


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