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Venice Day by Day, since 407 A.C


Luigi Gigio Zanon

This Almanac about Venice History comes from years of research in the Frari Archives, in the Marciana Library and in Correr Museum.
Between old shelves, turning the pages of ancient Buste, Raspe, Commentarii, I could taste the emotion of touching manuscripts, with signatures and seals of Procuratori, Dogi, Condottieres...
I transcribed the many interesting things I have discovered part on books, others on slide-shows, others more are just laying as simple notes on my personal archives.

Luigi "Gigio" Zanon

He was elected Grand Chancellor Francesco Ottoboni.


Is permanently confirmed the Judiciary of the Inquisitors of State (see 09/20/1539).


He died of pleurosia in Treviso contracted eight days before the famous painter Paolo Veronese.
He was born in Verona in 1527 from a modest family of stonemasons, and he soon established himself as a painter.
In 1555 he had settled in Venice, called by compatriot Bernard Talion Father Prior of St. Gerolamini Sebastiano.
(Editor's note: Thanks to the favors of an uncle High Prelate, PV is also an expression of his great talents in the Holy Places Venetians. Dell'Iquisizione Meet also unpleasant doubts, but solves them by changing the title of the offending "Last Supper "to" Dinner at the House of Levi ").


The Bailo in Constantinople Lippomano Jerome was accused by the Council of Ten of plotting against the country. Three days later he was commissioned to arrest him and take him Bernardo Lorenzo in Venice.
On 19 July, came the galley at the Lido, the Lippomano falls overboard and drowns miserably.


Seventh and last Doge of his illustrious family, was elected on the first ballot Alvise IV Mocenigo.
His Dogado stands for reform and many that were extended to all branches of public life. Splendid parties welcomed the Emperor Joseph II, who came twice to visit Venice.


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