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Getting Acclimated

The San Marco Square occupies ten thousands square meters or so, with a length of over 170 meters from east to west. The east side has a width of 80 meters, while the west has a width of 55 meters. The San Marco Piazza is surrounded by magnificent buildings, including the campanile and Basilica of San Marco to the east. To its west, is the Doge’s Palace and San Marco Library, and to the southern terminal, is an affiliated piazzale lying at the mouth of the Grand Canal.

The San Marco Square is filled with a number of small shops selling fine accessories and special local products, such as Murano glass, carnival masks, etc. There are some open air cafés nearby, and the dainty ice-cream there, can be eaten all year round.

The washrooms can be found at the end of the greenbelt at the Vaporetto stop.

From Rialto Bridge to Piazza San Marco on foot

There are two famous commercial streets between the Rialto Bridge and the Piazza San Marco. One is the Mercerie and the other is Calle di Fabbri, which are both lined with brand fashion shops. Following these two parallel streets, you can find the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco located at each terminal.

From Airport to Piazza San Marco by water bus

  1. Take the ATVO or ACTV bus to Piazzale Roma, then change to Vaporetto Line 82, and stop at Vallaresso (35 minutes). From the pier, go along Vallaresso and enter Piazza San Marco.
  2. From the airport pier, the Alilaguna water shuttle departs and reaches San Marco in around one hour. Then from the pier, go along Vallaresso and enter San Marco square.


From Santa Lucia Train Station to Piazza San Marco by water bus or on foot

The Santa Lucia train station and Piazza San Marco is connected by the canal, which was recognized as “the longest and the most beautiful street”, and is just about 4 km long. Both sides of the canal are lined with over one hundred year old buildings and palaces of former aristocrats and merchant princes. The Rialto Bridge, Accademia Bridge, and Scalzi Bridge or bridge of the barefoot, are the three old famous bridges that spans the canal.

Tourists can take Line 82 and get off at the San Marco stop. From the Piazzale to San Marco square, the road is filled with lots of peddlers, selling varieties of souvenirs in which the prices seem to be slightly expensive than others.

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