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A ending will create new begining

a ending will create new begining

Another year is going to be added in history .few people became part of the history and few created history this year

as a individual i was able to meet wonderfull people in online and offline this year

i was thankfull to all of them who helped me to improve my skills,happyness, knowledge .

smashed few goals,resumed few goals and achieved many goals

hated few people ,ignored few people and loved many people

wasted more time,worked less time and spent more time for myself

moved aways from nerds,stayed infront of computer and travelled in abyss of imagination

did'nt thought about 2010, will not wooried about 2012 and lived happily in 2011

if i was a HTML tag I want to be a >lagend< and want to hear >sup< from everyone

i wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR