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Abazia (Fondamenta, Sottoportico, Campo, Ponte, Fondamenta dell)

to S. Our Lady of Mercy. The abbey church of St. Our Lady of Mercy, known as the Abbey, rose in 939 over a grassy ground, called Val Verde, or only the Giulii Caesar, said Andreardo, or families and Giulia Moro joint together. In the first surrendered to hermits, monks and thus, probably Augustinians, who erected next to a convent, which perished in the plague of 1348, the prior, who had just been on, he gave before his death his dignity to Luca Moro . They won in 1369 that his family should possess in perpetuity the patronage of the church. The facade of that was raised in the seventeenth century to the design of Clemente Moli, at the expense of Gasparo Moro distinguished philosopher. The interior, however, threatened to fall, and it was preserved in about the prior Pianton Monsignor Pietro, who practiced radical restoration. The church closed in 1868 went, but in 1884 it was bought by the Patriarch of Venice Domenico Agostini coll'intendimento to return to divine worship.

Among the priors of St. Our Lady of Mercy is worthy of mention the pious and learned Jerome Savina, that obtained from Clement VIII for himself and successors the right to wear the miter and the crosier. Since he was poisoned by a wicked priest in the sacred chalice, he wished before he died, June 9, 1601, which was pardoned from the sacrilegious murder.

Lovisa learn from an engraving of the "Bridge of the Abbey" was in the last century stone. So it was landed, and in 1833 rebuilt of wood.

On the "Foundation of the Abbey," the so-called "New Court", the Scuola Grande di S. Mary of Mercy had a hospice, or, as was said, hospice, pei poor brethren. The entrance of the Court over the arch is decorated by a sculpture of the B. V. and Saints, and below is an inscription from which we learn that the building of the houses was begun and completed in 1505, in the principality of Leonardo Loredan.