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Harry's Bar


S. Marco, Venezia: Centro Storico
calle Vallaresso 1323

10:00 am-10:00 pm

+39 0415285777

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Harry's Bar
Since 1929, this has been a popular watering hole and elegant eatery for writers, artists, celebrities and aristocrats.It Offers  in  someways  the  essence  of the café society that once played so large  a part in the affairs of Europe.It is not that  one would normally go into Harry’s just for a Cup of Coffee,though some people do:but the atmosphere of the  restaurant,the warm immediacy  of it, the company always of people who know each other, the ease of converse, the somehow  knowing  attitudes of the staff-all these add up to the club like feeling that all the best  European cafes  possess.


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