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Beans, Ghetto’s Way (Fasioi a la Maniera del Gheto)

Contributor: Gianfraball

Beans, Ghetto’s Way


It is best to cook the beans for around six hours by putting them on the cooker at around 6 pm and then turning off the fire after midnight. If the fire is kept right down to the minimum, the dish will not become dry, nor stick to the bottom, or burn, while the broth slowly extracts the marvelous jelly from the bean. THAT WOULD NEVER APPEAR with faster cooking times. Thus, it is better to control at a glance from time to time.

Part of the beans can be mashed and filtered to take most of the bean peels. No cheese on this dish is needed. Chilled white, dry, and light wine is fine with this course.


5-700 g dried beans
1 pc onion
1 pc garlic clove
ground pepper


Use half a kilo or 600 g dried beans. If fresh beans will be used, increase the amount a little. The Lamon, Pagoti, Vigevano variety can be used or the Verdoni, if it can be found. It is poor beans but very good, having the characteristic to melt down in cream cooking and comes in green, yellow and red color.

If the beans are dried, moisten it with water for about 12 hours. Afterwards, put the beans in a pot, and add the onion, garlic clove, minced rosemary leaves, oil, ground pepper and a little salt to taste. Unlike in many Venetian version of this dish, no lard, pork rind or ham bones, Musetto or other Italian pork meats are used in the dish as Israelites also do not usually eat those meats. Then, place the pot on the fire.

The use of a pressure cooker radically changes the final effect of this course therefore, a large pot with lid is better to use. It would be perfect to use an electric hot plate, with minimum power, which gives the kind of heat that is more similar to the slow and long one released from the old kitchen cookers. Otherwise, use a gas cooker, but as soon as the beans start to boil, lower down the flame to the smaller minimum. The beans must simmer, not boil, for the next six to eight hours because this treatment will give the beans some peculiarity.

Original Venetian Version

Alora se tol meso chilo /sie eti de fasioli (se sechi, qualcossa de più se freschi, ma desso se trova solo i sechi). Lamon, Pagoti, Vigevano, o pur se sei trova, i Verdoni (che i xe fasioli poareti, ma tanto boni, i ga la carateristica de desfarse quasi del tuto cusinandose, ghe n’è de Verdi, de Zali, e de Rossi), se i mete a mogio dodese ore come el solito.

Po’, se i mete in pignata co na çegola, un spigolo de agio, fogete de osmarin tagiae fine fine, ogio, pevare masenà, poco sal (se giusta a la fine): gnente lardo, codeghe, ossi de parsuto, museti, i ebrei no i usa. E po se i mete su.

Quele volte che i femo no doparemo la pentola a pression, ma na bela pignata granda, col so covercio. L’ideal saria de meterla su na piastra eletrica AL MINIMO (che la xe più simile a la piastra de la cusina economica de la nona, che na volta impissada la restava calda par de le ore).
Si no, se la mete sul gas, e dopo el primo bogio, se sbassa la fiama al mini-minimo: i fasioli ga da soto-bogier, no da boger.

Bisogna lassarli su par sie-oto ore, xe questa la carateristica.
I metevo su sue sie, aprofitavo de un film a la tivu, e stuavo dopo mesanote. Se el sobogio xe tignuo su la minima fiama no se suga gnente (magari na ociada se pol anca darghela), no se taca gnente, no se brusa gnente, e el brodo pian pianelo estrae quela meravigliosa gelatina del fasiolo, che NO SE FORMA MAI co na cotura più rapida.

Se proprio se vol, se pol schissar e passar na parte de fasioli par cavar via qualche pelesina che podaria restar a dar fastidio a qualchedun de gusti difissili. No va de sicuro formagio.
Par mi, el vin pol andar, magari bianco, seco, leziero, fresco.

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