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Pinza (Pincia)

Contributed by Lucia Fanton


This popular Venetian recipe exists in many variants with regards to the flavoring used. The simplest and classic ones uses only raisin, figs, fennel seeds and the grappa.

This sweet mush was once shaped in a thick and flat bar, to be sliced. The cake was kept wrapped in a soft, moistened canvas to preserve its fragrance for several days. Today, it is more often sold and produced in serving portions.

300 g corn flour
170 g 00 wheat flour
90 g butter
100 g sugar
1 L milk
¼ L water
½ tsp salt

150 g raisin
100 g walnuts
150 g halved dried figs
150 g chopped apples
50 g orange peel, candied
1 shot glass of grappa
fennel seeds, as needed


Make a rather soft mush out of the base ingredients and cook it for five minutes. Pour it in a terrine and combine the flavoring ingredients.

Put the resulting pastry in a buttered cake pot or other oven pot. Cook for a couple of hours or more in mild temperature. Serve at room-temperature.

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