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Toni Trolese's Doughnuts (Fritoe de Toni Trolese)

Contributor: Lucia Fanton


Along with the Galani or Crostoli, the Fritoe are the most typical Carnival sweets in Venezia. This recipe was passed to me by Toni Trolese, one of my father’s friends who is actually 95 years old and lives in fondamenta di Cannaregio.


½ kg 00 wheat flour
150 cc water
2 pcs eggs
30 g brewer’s yeast
60 g caster sugar
Aromas: 1 pcs rum or lemon phial and 1 small bag of vanillin
250 g raisins
1 small bag of pine seeds
100 g cube-sliced candied orange/lemon peel (cedrini)
10 g salt
abundant frying oil


Stir sugar and yeast with the water, warmed in a large pot. Slowly add the flour, then the eggs and aromas, stirring well for some minutes.

Add the raisins, the pine seeds, the cedrini and stir well for some minutes more before adding the salt. Stir energetically again for few minutes, then let the dough stand for about an hour.

Bring oil to a high temperature in a frying pan. Choose one that is not too wide but deep, so that the doughnuts may float in the oil. Do not fry too much doughnuts at a time because half way through, they must be turned upside down to complete the cooking process. Using a spoon that was moistened with water, scoop the dough and push the dough with a finger into the hot oil (not boiling).

The doughnuts in the oil will rise to an almost spherical shape. When they get brown both sides, in a more or less dark hazel color, dry them in blotting paper and sprinkle each doughnut with caster sugar all around. Serve in salad bowls.

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