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Venice Day by Day, since 407 A.C


Luigi Gigio Zanon

This Almanac about Venice History comes from years of research in the Frari Archives, in the Marciana Library and in Correr Museum.
Between old shelves, turning the pages of ancient Buste, Raspe, Commentarii, I could taste the emotion of touching manuscripts, with signatures and seals of Procuratori, Dogi, Condottieres...
I transcribed the many interesting things I have discovered part on books, others on slide-shows, others more are just laying as simple notes on my personal archives.

Luigi "Gigio" Zanon

Ordered that no individual might store the canaÂpa so necessary to the uses of the Venetian Marina.


Signed a commercial treaty with the Bey of Tunis.


During the war against Mastino della Scala (see 10/10/1336) Pietro de 'Rossi, Commander General of the Venetian troops enter into the port bridge Padua Crow, the head of five hundred German soldiers, possession of the city without resistance.
Is taken prisoner and led to Alberto della Scala, Venice, brother of Mastino. Mark and Andrea Morosini Loredan are sent to take over the city.


It consecrates the rebuilt St. Andrew's Charterhouse of Lido.


In honor of the Dukes of Modena Procuratessa Elizabeth Foscarini Cornaro organizes a great feast in the palace Foscarini saloÂni to Carmine.


Giambattista Rezzonico signing the contract for the purchase of a building in St. Barnabas Foundation, designed by BaldasÂsarre Longhena, unfinished for lack of funds.
Shooting by Giorgio Massari, construction, ¬ thing that passes through the work of the two largest archiÂtetti time, will one of the wonders of the Grand Canal. Ca 'Rezzonico is often required as a palace by the Venetian government representative.


Two fishing boats from Chioggia, led by Luigi Penzo said ScuÀ ¨ (Bowl), sailing near Porto Tolle. Go on board Giuseppe Garibaldi and his officers, direct the defense of Venice. Suddenly, at the mouths of the Po, it appears that the Austrian fleet chasing them relentlessly. With skilled maneuvers Penzo butÂtandosi can escape from the earth.
The fishing boats, stranded on the beach, they are captured by the Austrians, but are now empty. For the merit of good Chioggia, Garibaldi and his managed to escape capture.


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