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The Eel in the Barrel

The Eel in the Barrel
This game was popular until a few years ago, although sometimes it is still a part of regional festas. The objective of the game is to be able to catch with one’s teeth an eel which swims in a tub full of water blackened with cuttlefish ink.
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Crowd-Boxing Boxing, and full contact, is a match between two pairs of champions belonging to the two main factions, the Nicolotti and the Castellani. The towns were divided for the occasion where the Nicolotti are inhabitants from the area of San Nicolo dei Mendicoli, including Santa Croce, San Polo, part of Dorsoduro and part of Cannaregio, while the Castellani are inhabitants from the area...
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Bull Baiting

Bull Baiting
Bull Baiting Bull baiting was usually performed in campo San Polo, in a way similar to events in Pamplona, Spain. As a matter of fact, the bulls that were left to run free in Venice were not the young, strong bulls as in Pamplona but were, on the contrary, old and tired animals. Left free or tied with ropes on their horns, the poor animals, after suffering maltreatment and torment by humans, (...
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The Pussycat

The Pussycat
The Pussycat A very cruel sport until the late 18th century in popular festivals, it took place mainly in Santa Maria Formosa Square. A cat was tied to a table with leather belts leaving its legs and claws free. A contestant, with shaved head, then had to kill the cat by headbutting it!
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Naumachy Lightweight boats with brave crews armed with top-padded poles trying to unsaddle each other. This game is still played sometimes during the Carnival. The Strength of Hercules They were exercises of adroitness, agility and balance. A planking was set on some barrels, if the game is played on land, or on two flatboats, if it is played on the water. On such an unstable socket, the at...
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