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Fiddler's Elbow

+39 0415239930

Expats, locals and tourists of all ages prop up the bar in Venice's oldest Irish pub. Party-pooping neighbours have put a stop to regular live music nights, but local bands still play on special occasions such as Hallowe'en and St Patrick's Day. Big sports events are screened in the campo outside.

Devil's Forest Pub

+39 0415200623

In this pub beer comes first than everything else, so it is the counter to hold a central place: richly decorated and furnished with comfortable brackets to drink standing. Rectangular tables, wood benches and coloured glass windows define the characteristic STOUT character. The particular suggestion of this pub is given by the use of dark wood, brickwork and parquet floor. The lighting is produced by simple and efficacious lamps which create light and shade areas, and this is why evenings are improvised leavins space to the creativity of the customers which, after few hours, can find various emotions joined to good drinking and good music.

Olandese Volante

+39 0415289349

Al Carbon

+39 0415285126


+39 0415205976

Inishark Irish Pub

+39 0415235300

At the Inishark you’ll enjoy the best Irish and international beers, served with the cure and the passion of who really knows good beer.

Pier Dickens Inn

+39 0412411979