Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon allows runners to experience the evening charm of the Metropolitan City of Venice in Italy. This half marathon, held annually on a Saturday night in May, takes place in Jesolo. It's a seaside resort town with glorious sandy beaches and salty air from the Adriatic sea. Six million visitors come to Jesolo every year, making it one of Italy's most popular resorts. Located north of Venice, Jesolo is reachable by car (less than an hour drive) or public transport.  

Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is a certified 21-km run that starts at sunset. Since 2018, the route has been a single lap starting and ending in Piazza Milano. All the action is at the Moonlight Expo Village, explicitly designed for the event. This is one of the famous annual events in Venice. It's an exhibition and promotion area that brings athletes and supporters together. It is where runners can collect their bibs while friends and family can enjoy fun exhibitions and interactive activities. 

The next Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon will occur on Saturday, 20th May 2023.  

21K or The Half Marathon

All details and registration info can be found HERE.

This half marathon route has everything one could wish for - water canals, sea, beaches, and town nightlife. Runners can experience it all at sunset, as the race starts after 7 PM. The track goes through the beautiful countryside of Jesolo. Then it continues alongside the Cavetta Canal and into the marina of Cortellazzo. Then, runners go by the river Piave through Lido and the mesmerizing pinewood parks. The last part of the route lets the runners enjoy the magnificent beaches.

The Moonlight 10K 

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The Moonlight 10K is a non-competitive race open to everyone. With parental permission, kids ten years and older can run as well. Nordic and fit walkers are welcome to apply. 

The Moonlight 10K run starts sooner than the 21K, at around 7 PM. The route is the same as the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon on the last 10 km of the race. 

Jesolo Family Run

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The Jesolo Family Run is an exciting part of the event. Unlike The Venicemarathon, families can partake in the Family Run on the day of the race. The track distance is 3 km. Like in the official run, participants get a Family Run kit, which they can pick up on the day of the race. 

Extra Activities

The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon offers fantastic benefits for athletes and their supporters. One is the Moonlight Party, which takes place at Parco Grifone after the race. It’s an ideal way to relax and unwind after the race. 

Also, you can get a discounted lunch at one of these restaurants. The only thing you need to do is show your registration, bib, or an event T-shirt. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!  

Where to stay?

The most convenient option is to stay in Jesolo. The organizers have partnered with local hotels offering great deals for marathon participants. HERE you can find the accommodation list, featuring various options fitting any budget and taste.