Discovering the gardens of the Lagoon


This full day tour, unusual for tourists, will certainly be very interesting for those who want to discover hidden corners of the Lagoon. You will visit Sant'Erasmo, Lazzaretto Nuovo, Vignole and Sant'Andrea. During this tour you will be able to visit these small islands, with few inhabitants, totally dedicated to agricultural activities. Following the suggestions of this tour will allow you to admire a different corner of the Adriatic universe. You will stroll through the nature of the lagoon, see the lagoon's market gardeners and perhaps buy their produce. We suggest this itinerary if you have already visited Venice thoroughly. 

Start from Fondamente Nove and take vaporetto 13.  After 45 minutes of navigation, you will reach the first stop: the island of Sant'Erasmo.

Sant'Erasmo is the second largest island after Venice.  Known in the Lagoon as "Venice's vegetable garden", it has maintained its propensity for agricultural economy over the centuries. Its being "Venice's vegetable garden" since 1500 is also due to the demand for autochthonous products such as the violet artichoke. Its economic function makes Sant'Erasmo a very peaceful and pleasant place. Venetians also love the various festivals held on the island. To remember the Befana, the artichoke festival at the Torre Massimiliana and the Festa del Mosto. Visiting Sant'Erasmo gives you the chance to buy zero-kilometre products, such as vegetables and honey. After cruising, get off at Sant'Erasmo Chiesa and visit the various shops near the landing stage, our map will help you. Head west and walk around until you reach the Massimiliana Tower, a Habsburg fortification from the 1800s. Go to the Sant'Erasmo Capannone vaporetto stop and take number 13. Get off after a few minutes at Lazzaretto Nuovo.  The island, called an ecomuseum, bears this name because it became a place of inspection for people and goods suspected of being infected with the plague. If infected were found, they were transferred to Lazzaretto Vecchio, another island in the lagoon. The island can only be visited from April to October, on Saturdays and Sundays. We advise you to contact the associations responsible for managing the island to ask for information and to book your visit. Here you will have the opportunity to walk along the nature trails of the salt marshes but also to visit, with the help of a local guide, the historical archaeological route with the excavations. The visit lasts about two hours.  Take water bus no. 13 again and get off after a few minutes at the island of le Vignole. 

The population of le Vignole, as well as of Sant'Erasmo, is dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables for the demand of the lagoon area.  Very interesting is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta and Sant'Eurosia from the 7th century, unfortunately it is often closed. The Vignole, like many small islands in the lagoon, are a pleasant place to spend some time outdoors and take a walk.  Connected by a bridge to the island of Vignole is the island of Sant'Andrea. The Fort of Sant'Andrea is an interesting sight. The famous Giacomo Casanova was imprisoned here in 1743. At present the fort is not accessible.  But it is worth seeing it from the outside.

For lunch you can choose between restaurants in Sant'Erasmo or le Vignole. Here you can taste Venetian dishes prepared with zero kilometre products. 

As you can see, it is an alternative tour that will allow you to enjoy beautiful walks to discover the bucolic reality of the Lagoon.