Torcello Itinerary


How to Day Trip to Torcello

On this Venice itinerary, let's explore the 5th-century island of Torcello! It is a small island, and you'll need only a few hours to complete the Torcello itinerary. However, there are worthy places and attractions to explore. Some travelers combine Torcello with a visit to Burano (check out our Burano itinerary!). 

Torcello is a green island in the Venetian Lagoon, inhabited by about a dozen people, giving this destination a unique feel. There are a few essential services, so visiting Torcello might feel like stepping into the past of the Venetian Lagoon. Our interactive Venice map will help you discover all the island's hidden gems!  

Brief history of Torcello

The island's first settlers were the Altini, a population from the mainland. Along with the islands of Burano and Mazzorbo, Torcello was one of the first settlements in the area. Later, as the Rialto community grew through trade, Torcello became a religious center. 

As the island developed, the local community suffered serious diseases and pandemics. These and some local problems drove the remaining island's population towards a more developed Venice. 

How to get to Torcello from Venice

With the Venice map and a detailed route below, going on the Torcello itinerary will be a breeze! 

To reach Torcello, take vaporetto #12 from Fondamente Nove. It's best to travel earlier in the morning as until 09:18 AM, there are direct routes to the island. If you travel later in the day, the same vaporetto route will first take you to Burano. From there, you will have to take vaporetto #9 to Torcello, which goes every 15 minutes, even at night. 

Ponte Diavolo

Once off the vaporetto, let's approach the first stop on our Torcello itinerary, the Ponte Diavolo. To get there, head inland along the main road of the island. According to the local legend, the devil built the bridge in one night to win a bet, hence the name. The Ponte Diavolo is one of the two Venice bridges without a parapet. It is a unique feature shared with the Ponte Chiodo di Cannareggio

Attila's Throne

Continue across Ponte Santa Maria, the second bridge on the island. Once you reach Fondamenta Borgognoni, you will find the Piazza with Attila's Throne. It is an ancient bishop's or the governor's chair made of stone. Try to take a lucky seat on the chair so you can always return to the island! 

Basilica Santa Maria Assunta

Not far from the Attila's Throne, you'll find one of the most important places on the island, the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta. If you can't visit all the stops of the Torcello itinerary, make this Venice church a priority! 

This Venetian-Byzantine jewel is one of the first buildings in the lagoon still standing today. In addition to its magnificent bell tower, it features Late Paleochristian architecture and the earliest mosaics in the area. 

See opening hours and entrance fees HERE

Santa Fosca Church

You'll find the Church of Santa Fosca in the same complex as the Basilica. It is a lesser-known church. Its primary value is the remains of the Berber Saint Fosca brought to Venice by the sailor Vitale. 

The Torcello Museum

The next attraction of our Torcello itinerary is the Torcello Museum. Located next to the Basilica complex, it is a place to learn about the island's history through the remains and testimonies. In this Venice museum, you'll only see the archaeological findings of the island. After exploring the collection, admire the museum's building. Palazzo del Consiglio is a Gothic-style palace built in 400. 

See opening hours and entrance fees HERE


Are you hungry after all the sightseeing? The island of Torcello offers little choice; however, it's more of an advantage. The local business owners provide their services with great passion and dedication. Here are a few places we recommend:

Al Trono di Attila - as you've likely guessed from the name, you'll find the restaurant a few minutes from the Attila's Throne. Known for exceptional seafood, it is one of the finest and highly-rated eateries on the island. The greenery and the waterfront location add to the tranquility felt on Torcello. 

Taverna Tipica Veneziana - located a few meters from our first pick, this restaurant attracts with its cold beer and a great seafood selection. It is also famous for its risotto and pasta. If you're traveling with kids, Taverna features a fun outdoor playground. 

Osteria al Ponte del Diavolo - is the last but not least on our list of the best Torcello restaurants. You will find it between the Devil's Bridge and the Basilica. Indulge in the incredible pasta and seafood, but remember to leave some space for dessert! Explore their fine selection of cakes and traditional Venetian biscuits.  

Return to Venice from Torcello

It is time to finish our trip and travel back to the mainland. To return to Venice from Torcello, choose the same transportation as on the way here - vaporettos #9 and #12. If you are unsure how to buy vaporetto tickets or would like to get them with a discount, consider getting one of the Venice City Passes

Where to stay in Torcello

If you feel like taking a break and staying on Torcello, there are a few cozy B&Bs to choose from. Staying in one of these is a lovely way to relax and unwind. 

Locanda Cipriani - is a 4-star accommodation on Piazza Santa Fosca, less than 10 minutes from the Torcello vaporetto stop. Staying there is a win-win situation as Locanda Cipriani also features a restaurant and a bar with delicious food and drinks. There is a fantastic bakery, so expect fresh and tasty pastries for breakfast! For prices, please refer to the hotel's official website.

Bed and Breakfast Ca' Torcello - is a small bed and breakfast located on Fondamenta dei Borgognoni, near the Santa Maria Bridge. The location allows for a lovely waterfront view and a close reach to the main attractions. You can contact the hotel directly to make a reservation.  

The island of Torcello is a perfect place to escape the hustle of Venice and relax in a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. You can make a one-day trip, combine it with Burano, or even stay the night for proper recreation.