Fashion has always been at home in Venice. For centuries Venice has been a magnet for wealth, flair and artistic extravagance, making it a unique destination for fashion lovers. Even today Venice is home to many high-fashion shops, especially in the San Marco area. In the Frezzaria in San Marco you will find many Italian brands. Between San Marco and Rialto in the Marzarie, the streets with a high number of shops, you will also find fashion and accessory shops. There are also clothes shops on Calle Larga XXII Marzo.  But don't limit yourself only to San Marco, in fact in Rio Tera` Lista di Spagna in Cannaregio you will find many clothes shops. As well as in Strada Nova, also in Cannaregio. Some boutiques such as Fiorella Mancini's or Emilio Ceccato's Venetian-style gondolier's are famous everywhere. You will also find fashion boutiques in the other sestieri.

If you prefer the convenience of a shopping centre, we recommend Fondaco dei Tedeschi, recently renovated by architect Rem Koolhaas.

As well as being home to major Italian brands, Venice has a lot to offer as a creative hub of craft brands and products. One of the city's most famous products are the furlane, walking shoes often made of velvet, which have become famous throughout the world.

The lagoon area has always been known for leather processing. Tanneries and sartorial boutiques such as Estrodiverso in Giudecca, the Kalimala leather goods shop, Toni Peressin's Grifone, and Graffio in Dorsoduro are good names. Very interesting is the Rio Tera Pensieri Cooperativa Sociale project which, with its Malefatte Veneziane brand, helps prisoners rehabilitate themselves in the social fabric.

Venice is home to great Italian brands known throughout the world. But Venice also boasts a large number of artisan artists who keep the city's name high. Don't just follow our advice, the city has a lot to offer when it comes to artists and craftsmen. Have fun discovering the city with the help of our map.