Rent A Car

You can easily explore Venice Mainlands and its surroundings with these car rental services:


Piazzale Roma, 496/G,30135
tel.+39 041 2770583

Europcar Venice Centre Ville

Piazzale Roma,496/h,30135
tel.+39 041 5238616

sixt car Rent

Rio Terra' Santa Adrea,466/e, 30135
tel.+39 029 4757979

Hertz Autonoleggio

Piazzale Roma ,496,30135
tel.+39 041 5284091

Blitz Exclusive

Santa Croce,522,30135 
tel.+39 041 5227251

Car Rental Service Tips

Parking: Venice has limited parking areas located at Piazzale Roma or Tronchetto. Therefore plan your parking in advance.

ZTL Zones: To avoid fines be aware of the restricted traffic zones (ZTL) in Venice.

Book Early: In the peak seasons, car rentals can get booked quickly, therefore reserve your car in advance to ensure availability.

Rent A Boat

Experience Venice from the water with these boat rental options:


Ponte delle Guglie, 331, 30121 VENICE
tel. +39 041 715787 / +39 3355448888

The Bragozzo Local Boat in Venice

tel.+39 3881826009

Venice Boat Experience

C.del Magazzen, 2030, 30121

Venezia Noleggi Imbarcazioni S.R.L

254/A Giudecca,30133
tel.+39 041 2411032
Tips for Boat Rentals

Boat Rental Service Tips

Licensing: You should check if you need a boating license for the type of boat you want to rent.

Navigation: You should have information about the canals and waterways. Some areas may have restricted access.

Safety Gear: Ensure the rental includes safety gear like life jackets and emergency equipment.

Rent A Bicycle

Explore the Venice Lido area on a bike.


Via Zara, 5, 30126 Venezia-Lido
tel. +39 0415261490

ANNA GARDIN/Noleggio Biciclette Gardin

P.le S.M.Elisabetta, 2/A, 30126 Venezia-Lido
tel. +39 041 2760005

Venice Scooter Rental

Via Perasto,6/b,30126 Lido

Bicycle Rental Tips

Lido exploration: The Venice mainland is not suitable for bicycles, but the Venice Lido is perfect for cycling with its scenic routes and beaches.

Bike Path: Use designated bike paths and be cautious of pedestrians.

Locks: Always use a bike lock to secure your rental when visiting attractions.

Taxi Service in Venice

Through a taxi, you can get around Venice and Mestre with ease.

Radio Taxi Venezia e Mestre

Via Paccagnella,11,30174
+39 0415964


P.le S.M.Elisabetta, 1, 30126 Venezia-Lido
tel. +39 0415265975 / +39 0415265974

Taxi Lido di Venezia

Granviale Santa Maria Elisabetta,30126
tel.+39 041 5265974

Tips for Taxi Service in Venice

Availability: Book in advance, especially for early morning and late nights.

Fixed Rates: To avoid unexpected costs, you should ask about fixed rates for common routes, such as the airport.

Payment: Check if the taxi accepts credit cards or if there is a need for cash.

Water Taxi Service

Travel through Venice's canals with these water taxi services.


Castello 4432/A, 30122 VENICE
tel. +39 041 5221265

Water Taxi in Venice

tel.+39 3483025801

Venezia Taxi

Riva de Biasio,328,30135
tel.+39 041723112

Tips for the use of Water Taxi Services

Cost-effective options: You can choose between shared water taxis or private ones for cost-friendly options.

Routes and Stops: Know your route and confirm with the driver to avoid any confusion about drop-off points.

Booking: During busy tourist seasons and for airport transfers, water taxis can be booked in advance.