Festa di Santi Pietro e Paolo

n 29 June each year, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul is celebrated in many cities in Italy. In fact, 29 June is a national holiday throughout Italy. In Venice too, tribute is paid to the patron saints of Rome, Peter and Paul, but mainly on 29 and 30 June.

The feast of Saints Peter and Paul takes place in a grassy square in front of the former cathedral of Venice, the Church of San Pietro di Castello. The Sestiere di Castello is located in the easternmost part of Venice and is also the least frequented by tourists.

The Festival of Saints Peter and Paul features food stalls and a market offering local produce. On the last day of June, a crowded Bingo game takes place in front of the Church of San Pietro di Castello. Although admission is free, don't forget your money for the bingo card. This celebration is reminiscent of a village festival. This is one of the famous annual events of Venice.

The celebration resembles a village fete with young and old alike waiting, helping to set up the stage. The same people who helped set up the stage are also the same ones who sometimes perform off-key songs. The Venetian event continues to focus on Venice's long-standing traditions, such as its Venetian recipes, markets and classic wines. But the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul has modernised slightly by bringing in 60s and 70s bands such as the Giants, Formula 3 and Alan Parsons.

Venice has many spring and summer festivals, but when you're planning a trip to Venice consider this lesser-known but still relaxed and lively festival.

Venetians appreciate the calm and relaxed atmosphere of the celebration, with few tourists, but they will certainly invite you because it is also a charity event. Make sure you arrive with an appetite and prepare for the festival games. This is a festival totally off the tourist track, known and experienced only by Venetians. If you want to immerse yourself in the life of the Venetians, we recommend you attend this festival.