Leonardo da Vinci Museum Venice

Campo San Rocco, San Polo 3052 30125 Venice

The Leonardo da Vinci museum is incorporated into the San Rocco complex in the Scoletta building opposite the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. Next door you will also find the Basilica dei Frari. It is a family-friendly museum where you can view digital reproductions of Leonardo.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was born in Anchiano near Florence probably on 15 April 1452. The Florentine genius and artist was not only limited to painting and frescoes. Leonardo da Vinci was also a sculptor and a complete artist in all the arts of the time. He was also a scientist, an inventor and a philosopher.

Leonardo da Vinci was the central figure of the Italian Renaissance and one of the greatest exponents of human history. He began working for the sculptor Andrea del Verrocchio. He also served important families of the time such as the Medici of Florence and worked for Ludovico Sforza. He died in France in Amboise in 1519.
The museum and the paintings

In the Leonardo da Vinci museum in Venice you will find the master's most famous paintings in high-resolution, backlit, life-size digital reproductions. These digital reproductions will allow everyone to view the master's works without long, exhausting queues. The paintings that your eyes will admire will be virtually the same. This is thanks to technology that will allow the paintings to be enjoyed and more. Here we list some of the reproductions on display: Lady with an Ermine 1485, Virgin of the Rocks 1486 The Last Supper dated 1494 /1498 , The Mona Lisa 1503 1506 Salvator Mundi 1500 and Self-portrait 1512.

The museum and other works

In the Leonardo da Vinci museum you will also see the war and hydraulic works. You will also be able to see the mechanical machines designed by the Italian genius.

The museum also boasts the Royal Vinci Commission. This was established in 1902 and brings together more than 5000 sheets with annotations, drawings and codices by the master. Limited edition works rarely exhibited to the public with phototypes by Prof. Adolfo Venturi.

The museum also has a bookshop for gift ideas to take home.

If you find yourself with your family wandering around the calle of San Polo, visit the Leonardo da Vinci museum.

Opening Hours

Every Day from 10:30 to 18:00