Chiesa di San Basso

315 Piazzetta dei Leoncini San Marco 30124 Venice

Chiesa di San Basso is one of the oldest churches in Venice. It is a beautiful Roman Catholic church in San Marco - Venice's most popular sestiere. With so many popular attractions nearby, it is a perfect place to get to know the city. 

You can quickly find it on the Venice map as Piazza San Marco is next to the church. The famous St. Mark's Clocktower is nearby, as are many restaurants and shops. After visiting the concert hall, sit in one of the cafes nearby and enjoy the dynamic Venice vibes. 

Today San Basso serves as a concert hall called Ateneo di San Basso. It has been a meeting and a concert venue since the 1950s. People come here to enjoy various cultural and musical events. It is where you can enjoy the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, played by the St Mark's Chamber Orchestra. 

History & architecture

San Basso was built in 1079 at the request of the Elia family. In 1105 and 1661, the church suffered from the fires and had to be rebuilt. Experts say that the facade's design was in the hands of either Baldassarre Longhena or Giuseppe Benoni. 

In 1806, the church lost all the altars, valuable art, and decorations. It was closed for worship and transferred to a private owner. Later in 1847, the patriarch Giacomo Monico liberated San Basso and gave it to Basilica di San Marco. It worked mainly as a storage place and a technical office for the Basilica. 

Chiesa di San Basso is a remarkable example of a Baroque architectural style. The unique elements are the four Corinthian columns and two mullioned windows. It is an excellent site and a must-visit place while exploring the center of Venice.