Palazzo Cini gallery

Campo San Vio, Dorsoduro 864 Venice 30123

Palazzo Cini overlooks the Grand Canal of Venice and is located in the Dorsoduro sestiere. The palace also overlooks Rio San Vio and has two façades overlooking the water and one on land. The building has four floors and initially the façade overlooking the Grand Canal was frescoed with works by Giuseppe Porta.

Vittorio Cini and his palace

The palace, which was finished in 1565, has always been a much sought-after place due to its location. Many notables and rich Venetians over the centuries have lived here. The first to live here were the patrician Loredan family. The last to purchase the palace was Count Vittorio Cini, an Italian politician and entrepreneur of the time. A well-known Italian collector who restored San Giorgio Maggiore between 1951 and 1956, he also founded the Cini Foundation following the death of his son in a plane crash. Cini despite being a well-known philanthropist belonged to the Italian Fascist Party.

Cini Palace Gallery

The collection in the museum house was started in 1984. The museum house is structured on two floors. The first floor is dedicated to Vittorio Cini while the second is devoted to the collection. In addition to books, manuscripts, miniatures, porcelain and furniture, the collection boasts many works of art. Byzantine but also European ivories are particularly valuable.

In the Palazzo Cini collection you will find many paintings and testimonies of Tuscan art.  Here you will find works by Botticelli, Piero di Cosimo, Piero della Francesca, Filippo Lippi and Beato Angelico. Dosso Dossi's Scena Allegorica panel is remarkable. Among the works are Botticelli's Il Giudizio di Paride (Judgement of Paris) and Piero di Cosimo's Madonna with Child and Two Angels, which make the Renaissance Room magnificent. Also not to be forgotten are the canvases by Lorenzo Tiepolo, Venetian painter and engraver, the son of Giambattista Tiepolo.

Exhibitions and private collections are held in the palace, the interior being magnificent and spacious.

If you find yourself in Dorsoduro and have time, with the help of our map, we recommend a visit to this gallery that was reborn a few years ago. For lovers of Italian art it is a pleasant interlude in the vast artistic panorama of Venice today.

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Monday from 11am to 7pm