Santa Maria Del Rosario


Santa Maria Del Rosario of the Gesuati makes a good stopping point on a walk along the Zattere. This wonderful rococo church, also known as Santa Maria del Rosario, stands four-square on the waterfront. Its façade was built for the Dominicans between 1726 and 1743 and was designed by Giorgio Massari, who commissioned paintings and frescoes of Saint Dominic and other saints.

Giambattista Tiepolo had the honour of depicting St. Dominic’s life in a series of colourful ceiling panels. One altar has a magnificent and intense Crucifixion by Tintoretto.

Aside on the left is the church of the “Visitazione”, a tiny Renaissance jewel.

Bordering the two churches on three sides, is the immense monastery of Don Orione, once a Craft school for orphans, now largely deserted and partially converted into a religious guesthouse.