La Fenice Theatre

The Gran Teatro La Fenice is one of the most famous opera houses in Europe and is located in the heart of the San Marco district. From the beginning it was a catwalk for the Venetian aristocracy. A place where they could give vent to the pomp and luxury that only the nobility could flaunt.  

On 1 November 1789 a competition was announced for the design and construction of the theatre. After a long debate, Giannantonio Selva was chosen as architect. On 16 May 1792 the theatre was officially opened with the opera "I Giochi Di d'Agrigento" by Giovanni Paisiello to a libretto by Alessandro Pepoli.

The Teatro La Fenice replaced the original theatre of San Benedetto, which was destroyed in a fire. La Fenice has undergone many renovations, extensions and reconstructions over the centuries. The name La Fenice was given by the Grimani family, the promoters of the theatre, in honour of the sacred animal that rose from its own ashes. 

 The new theatres immediately assumed a position of absolute importance in the lagoon city.  Unfortunately the theatre was destroyed in December 1836, but was quickly rebuilt by the brothers Tommaso and Giambattista Meduna.

 On 29 January 1996 the theatre was again destroyed by a fire set to delay maintenance work. The restoration was completed in December 2003. The inauguration took place in the presence of the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and with Riccardo Muti opening the inaugural week.

La Fenice has retained its Italian piazza structure, with separate loggias. The theatre hall is made of treated wood to facilitate acoustics. The theatre consists of the theatre hall, five Apollo halls, the scenic tower and two side wings.

Today La Fenice is an integral part of the dynamic city of Venice. Every year the New Year's Concert and other important events are held here. The theatre can hold up to 1000 people. We recommend that you follow the recommended dress code. You can also find directions on how to buy tickets on the website

Enjoying a show at the Gran Teatro la Fenice is a romantic experience of yesteryear, if you visit Venice try to spend an evening at its opera house.