National archaeological museum

Explore the history of Venice through precious art and antiques at the National Archaeological Museum. It is one of the first public museums of ancient art in Europe and one of the world's earliest archaeological museums. Don't hesitate to see this fantastic place! 

Getting to the museum

On the Venice map, you'll find it on St Mark's Square in the Procuratie Nove, part of the Correr Museum. You can enter these two museums, the Doge's Palace and the Marciana National Library, with one ticket. You can access San Marco on foot or arrive by vaporetto. The closest stop is San Marco Vallaresso. 

History of the museum

The National Archaeological Museum goes back to 1523. It all started with the private collection of Cardinal Domenico Grimani. Another contributor was his nephew, Giovanni Grimani, also known for renovating Palazzo Grimani. It is another one of the aesthetically pleasing Venice museums. In 1596, the collection was the Public Statuary of the Republic, curated by Federico Contarini. The collection grew over the years through numerous donations by wealthy Venetian families. In the 1920s, the museum collection returned from Florence and has been in the same spot ever since.  

Why you should visit

The National Archaeological Museum has an extensive collection exhibited in 20 rooms. There are Greek and Roman sculptures dating from the 9th century BC to the 5th century AD. There are bronzes and ceramics, coins, and Assyrian-Babylonian antiquities. Inside are items from the Correr Museum and treasures of Tuscan and Egyptian origins. Did you know that inside is a bust that Tintoretto and his students used to practice their sketches? This and many other curiosities await you in the National Archaeological Museum in Venice. 

Things to do in the area

Since the ticket gives you access to the Doge's Palace, remember to see the famous Bridge of Sighs. The bridge is known as the place where the prisoners could take the last look at Venice. You can also explore some gorgeous Venice churches nearby. The world-known St Mark's Basilica, San Moise, San Zaccaria, and Chiesa della Pieta are a few to name. You can also hop on a vaporetto and head to the artsy Dorsoduro. Not far from the museum, you'll see Santa Maria della Salute and the modern art museum Punta della Dogana. Use our interactive Venice map to ensure you find everything without a problem.