Interpreti Veneziani


The Teatro Interpreti Veneziani, originally from Venice, emerged from a group of great musicians who made their debut in 1987. It has since become a major attraction for both residents and visitors to the romantic city.

The ensemble plays more than 350 concerts a year at the Church of San Vidal in Venice, where Antonio Vivaldi used to play.

This theatre has earned Interpreti Veneziani, an enthusiastic reception and critical acclaim from the public, playing on the original instrument, specialising in Baroque music and a high level of performance from the talented individual members, experienced soloists, and a complex of musicians.

It is difficult to recreate the Venetian atmosphere and Vivaldi's music in concert halls, but Interpreti Veneziani has managed to achieve the impossible. Evoking the silence of the lagoon and the romanticism of the city, no other ensemble encapsulates the marriage of Vivaldi and Venice.