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Grilled Mullets 1

Grilled Mullets

The Mullet Family is the richest of the subspecies in the fish fauna from the Venetian Lagoon. Among these, the causteli, the lotragani, the botoli, the…
Rialto Market and the Pescheria 1

Rialto Market and the Pescheria

Rialto Market and the Pescheria (Fish Market) The Rialto markets have been in operation for centuries. The Pescheria sells fresh fish and seafood, while…
Beans, Ghetto’s Way 1

Beans, Ghetto’s Way

It is best to cook the beans for around six hours by putting them on the cooker at around 6 pm and then turning off the fire after midnight. If the fire…

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Issued two orders:
The blasphemers to be put to shame.
The monasteries are exempt from the…