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The Euro (€) is the official currency, which is divided into 100 cents. Those arriving in Italy with foreign currency can obtain Euros through any bank, ATM or bureaux de change. ATMs are widespread. Travelers’ If you are looking for a good academic essay writing service, you will discover one on our website. Let the team of educated and experienced writers devoted to your educational success create the top quality papers for you. cheques can be exchanged with ease in the large cities, not so in the smaller towns. Credit cards are accepted in upmarket establishments and shops around the cities. Banks are closed on weekends.

Note: A value-added tax (VAT; IVA in Italian) of 20 percent, is added to every purchase you make in Italy, but non-EU residents can get refunds for high-ticket items (€155 and up) purchased in shops with a "Tax-Free Shopping" sticker in the window. The shop will give you a special receipt that you should have stamped at customs before leaving the EU.

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