vX Team, Vision and Technology

The Team

The vX team is composed of true enthusiasts of the lagoon and Venetian culture. Part of the team is Venetian, others come from other Italian regions while a part are foreigners but live 'connected' with the lagoon reality. Part of our team lives in Venice, the others have visited it assiduously. From this commonly shared passion the veniceXplorer project was born.

The working group consists of 'vX content', 'vX creativity', 'vX developers' and 'vX management'.  

The vision

This project stems from the desire to enable the socio-economic fabric of Venice to interact with the new geolocation technologies. Through our interactive map and our contents, our team would like to create a functional integration between local operators and Italian and foreign consumers living in or visiting Venice. We want to see Venice grow in a sustainable way by allowing all local operators, from catering to tourism through craftsmanship to institutional players, to use our map. Our online map allows for customisation by any interested physical or legal person.

vX Technology

Thanks to our technology, you will be able to locate the best opportunity in your surroundings, plan and customise routes, and create lists of places and interests.

The possibility of interaction between users will allow traders and craftsmen to propose live offers, based on their geolocation, to find pools of consumers. Consumers in turn will be able to take advantage of these benefits, helping the Venetian economy to become more competitive.

Each institution, operator and user will be able to plan and customise their own map, making its content shareable to all. The possibility of reciprocity in the exchange of our map will make the user experience unique and useful.

A further option of creating lists could make the data collection more functional, whatever its legal status. The ability to enter data from both the receiver and sender will make your content always up-to-date and usable by all stakeholders.

Our technology makes it possible to maximise the advantages that the sharing economy offers in full respect of the sustainability of the lagoon area.