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St Mark's Basilica
St Mark's Basilica
30100 Piazza San Marco
St Mark's Basilica or the Basilica di San Marco in local language, is perhaps the most visited tourist destination in Venice. This gorgeous cathedral…
San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore
30124 Isola di S.Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore island looks like a stage on the water. It has been immortalized on canvas countless times. The church standing on the island is…
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
30125 San Polo 3072
The Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari is a majestic Gothic church. Known to many as the Frari, it's the largest among Venice churches.
Santa Maria della Salute
The Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute
30123 Dorsoduro, 1
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, or the Salute as locals say, is one of the well-known churches in Venice. It proudly stands in the Dorsoduro…
Madonna Dell Orto Church
Madonna Dell Orto
30121 Cannareggio, 3512
Madonna dell Orto is a genuine marvel of the Venetian Gothic and one of the finest Venice churches. Its name comes from a statue of the Madonna, found…
The Redentore
The Redentore
30133 Redentore, Giudecca
Basilica del Redentore, known to everyone as The Redentore, is the pearl of Giudecca island. Each year it is home to the Venetian Thanksgiving or…
San Zaccaria
Chiesa di San Zaccaria
30122 Campo S. Zaccaria, 4693
San Zaccaria, located only a few minutes from St. Mark's Basilica, is one of the great Venice churches. This church, dedicated to St. Zechariah, the…
Santa Maria Del Rosario
Santa Maria Del Rosario, Dosoduro, Venice
30123 Fondamenta Zattere Ai Gesuati
Chiesa di Santa Maria del Rosario is undoubtedly a place worthy of your time. Locals know it as I Gesuati because of its history, although today, it’s…
San Moisè
San Moisè Church Venice
30121 Salizada S. Moise, 1390/A
The small but unique Chiesa di San Moisè is easy to overlook. Its proximity to the well-known and the most popular of Venice churches, Basilica di San…
Chiesa di San Sebastiano
Chiesa di San Sebastiano
San Sebastiano is one of the most historical Venice churches. It is one of the five votive churches, built as a mourning tribute to the plague. Yet,…
San Zulian Church
30124 C. Specchieri, 615
If you find yourself in the San Marco neighborhood, don’t skip out on Chiesa di San Giuliano. Venetians call it San Zulian, and it’s a small church…
Saint Barnabas
30123 Dorsoduro, 2771
Chiesa di San Barnaba, famous as a prominent movie location, is one of the most recognized Venice churches. The church was deconsecrated in 1810, and…
Santa Maria Dei Miracoli
30121 Campiello dei Miracoli
Santa Maria dei Miracoli, known as the Marble Church, is one of the unique Venice churches. It is an exquisite early Renaissance masterpiece and one…
Santa Maria Assunta di Torcello
30142 Via isola di, Campiello Lazzari
Santa Maria Assunta di Torcello is a small but noteworthy church. It is one of the most ancient Venice churches. To see it, travel to Torcello island…
San Pietro di Castello
Bell tower of San Pietro di Castello
30122 Campo San Pietro
San Pietro di Castello is a church with a great history intertwined with the famous St Mark's Basilica. It is one of the eight Venice churches built…
Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato
Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato
30141 Calle S. Donato, 11
Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato is the oldest on Murano island and one of the ancient Venice churches. This Basilica is a must-see place on your…
Santa Maria Dei Carmini
Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Carmini
30123 Dorsoduro
Santa Maria Dei Carmini, known as the Carmini, is a prominent Roman Catholic church. It dates back to the 14th century and is a noteworthy site among…
San Francesco della Vigna
Facade of San Francesco della Vigna in Venezia
30122 Campo San Francesco
The church of San Francesco della Vigna is one of the significant Venice churches. With Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, these are the only Franciscan…
San Giovanni in Bragora
San Giovanni in Bragora
30122 Campiello del Piovan
San Giovanni in Bragora is one of the more peaceful and oldest Venice churches. St. Magnus of Oderzo founded the church in the early 8th century.…
San Giovanni Crisostomo
San Giovanni Crisostomo Church from front
30121 Salizada San Giovanni Grisostomo
San Giovanni Crisostomo is one of the smaller Venice churches. Yet, it is full of history and valuable art. The name of the church comes from St.…
Chiesa di San Polo
Chiesa di San Polo
30125 Campo San Polo
Chiesa di San Polo is one of those Venice churches you just can't miss. The fascinating exterior tells you about the history of the city. The interior…
Santi Giovanni e Paolo
Santi Giovanni e Paolo
30122 Campo S.S. Giovanni e Paolo
Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo is the biggest among Venice churches. The Venetians call it San Zanipolo, one of the city's most influential…
Chiesa di Santo Stefano
Chiesa di Santo Stefano
30124 Campiello San Marco
Chiesa di Santo Stefano is one of the most exciting Venice churches. It's Roman Catholic and the third-largest monastery in the city. It also has a…
Chiesa della Pieta'
Chiesa della Pietà, Venice
30122 Calle de la Pietà
Have you seen the church where Antonio Vivaldi created and performed his masterpieces? If not, head to Chiesa della Pietà, one of the remarkable…
Chiesa di Sant'Alvise
Chiesa di  Sant'Alvise and the convent
30121 Campo Sant'Alvise
Chiesa di Sant'Alvise is a Gothic-style gem of the city. It's one of those Venice churches that are plain on the outside but rich inside. It is unique…
Chiesa di San Basso
Chiesa di San Basso
30124 Piazzetta dei Leoncini
Chiesa di San Basso is one of the oldest Venice churches. Since the 1890s, the church has served as a meeting venue. Today, it is a concert hall known…
Santa Maria Formosa
 Santa Maria Formosa
Santa Maria Formosa is one of the ancient Venice churches, and the first one dedicated to Virgin Mary. The legend says that the Virgin Mary appeared…
Santa Maria Maddalena
Chiesa Santa Maria Maddalena
Santa Maria Maddalena is one of the unusual Venice churches, thanks to its circular shape. The Venetians call it La Maddalena, and it's a lovely…
Chiesa di San Lio
Chiesa di San Lio
30122 Campo San Lio
Chiesa di San Lio is a 9th-century church, one of the older and smaller Venice churches. It’s most famous for being a burial place for Canaletto. He…
Santa Maria Assunta
Santa Maria Assunta
30121 Salizada Dei Spechieri
For beautiful details, genuine masterpieces, and rich history, head to Santa Maria Assunta. This church, known as I Gesuiti, stands in Cannaregio…
San Pantalon
Facade of San Pantalon Church
30123 Campo San Pantalon
Chiesa di San Pantalon is a hidden gem of Venice. It's one of those Venice churches that are easy to overlook but worth visiting. The church honors…