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Café Florian
Caffè Florian
30124 Piazza San Marco

Café Florian in Venice is one of the oldest and most iconic cafés in Venice. Founded in 1720, it has been a meeting place for artists, writers,…

Harry's Bar
Harry's Bar in Venice
30124 Calle Vallaresso

Harry's Bar in Venice is a legendary bar and restaurant that has been operating since 1931. It was founded by Giuseppe Cipriani, who named it after…

30123 Dorsoduro

Impronta Restaurant is a popular dining spot located in the heart of Venice, Italy. The restaurant is known for its exceptional seafood dishes and…

Osteria alle Testiere
Osteria alle Testiere
30122 Calle del Mondo Novo

Osteria alle Testiere is a renowned seafood restaurant located in Venice, Italy. The restaurant is located in the Castello district, just a short walk…

Osteria Fanal Del Codega
30125 Fondamenta del Forner

Osteria Fanal Del Codega is a popular restaurant located in Venice, Italy. The restaurant is situated in the San Polo district, close to the Rialto…

Ca Dolfin
30121 Calle Seconda del Cristo

Ca' Dolfin is a well-known restaurant in Venice, Italy, located in the historic district of Cannaregio. The restaurant is housed in a beautiful…

Antiche Carampane
30125 Rio Terà de le Carampane

Antiche Carampane is a popular seafood restaurant located in the San Polo district of Venice. It is known for serving fresh, high-quality seafood…