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Harry’s Bar
Harry’s Bar
30124 Calle Vallaresso, 1323
Celebrated for cocktails, carpaccio, risotto and American clientele, Harry’s Bar is famous throughout Venice and the World. Founded in 1931 by the…
Caffè Florian
Caffè Florian
30124 Piazza San Marco, 57
Sitting with a drink in the Piazza San Marco is as much a part of the Venetian experience as visiting the Basilica or going down the Grand Canal...
Gran Caffè Quadri
Caffé Quadri
30124 Piazza San Marco, 121
Founded as early as 1638, not long after the introduction of coffee in Venice, the coffee house known as Il Remedio was purchased in 1775 by Giorgio…
Ristorante al Theatro
Bar Al Teatro
30124 Campo San Fantin 1916
Venice’s favourite hangout for theatre-goers is situated next door to La Fenice. It comes alive before and after the opera. It is in Campo San Fantin…
Caffe Lavena
30124 Piazza San Marco 133/134
Less glossy than its neighbours on Piazza San Marco, this 250 year-old institution has nonetheless been the favourite of Richard Wagner, Gabriele…
Margaret Duchamp
30123 Campo Santa Margherita, 3019
One of Venice’s most popular hangouts, Margaret Duchamp, keeps the campo animated well into the wee hours. It is in Campo Santa Margherita in…
Devil’s Forest Pub
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30124 Calle dei Stagneri O de la Fava1 5185
The dart board and London ‘phone box’ are a hit with English speakers, but this cozy pub is most popular with locals who linger over beers and games…