The history of Venetian jewellery is lost in time. In the heyday of the Serenissima, Venetian goldsmiths, heirs to the Roman tradition, travelled to the East with great frequency, bringing back immense craftsmanship. Venetian goldsmiths, like many craftsmen or categories of trades, over time became institutionalised in schools of trades. The scuola degli orafi, scuola degli oresi in Venetian dialect, was the association of Venetian goldsmiths devoted to St Anthony Abbot.  The famous 22-carat Manin gold necklaces that belonged to the Dogaresses and noblewomen were the work of these craftsmen. These necklaces were exported everywhere. The famous Venetian Moretti, amulets depicting Moorish pirates in gold, gems and ebony, were also made by the same craftsmen. Another peculiarity of the lagoon goldsmith's art was the rosetta pearls, glass beads made in Murano.

Between San Marco and Rialto, passing through the Marzarie, you will find many jewellers and goldsmiths' shops. With the help of our Venice map, have fun discovering every nook and cranny of Venice.

Missiaglia1846 is a business that has been run by the same family for 170 years and offers high school Venetian gold and silverware. Nardi is a third generation Venetian jewellery shop that has been creating high quality handmade Venetin jewellery since the 1920s. Here you can find the famous Moretti but also contemporary high jewellery. In Murano Ercole Moretti since 1911 offers high jewellery in Murano glass, such as pendants with pearls, necklaces and rings. Glass here takes the form of high-class ornamentation. There are also many other artisans in Venice, such as the Eredi Jovon workshop, which has been creating local craft products since 1934, and Mejorin Piero in Castello. Even the Dogale Jewellers of Egildo Giorgio Berti and sons has its own magnificent collection of handmade objects.

Wandering through the Venetian streets with our Venice map in hand you will discover many goldsmiths' workshops.