Venice, an icon of history and culture par excellence, also offers many events related to sporting activities. The lagoon offers renowned activities related to competitive and purely amateur running races. There are three events: the Venice Marathon, Moonlight Half Marathon di Jesolo and the Venice Night Trail.

The best known is the Venice Marathon and is held every fourth Sunday in October. This race offers four types of races in terms of length and type of participants. Here you will find the 42 kilometres, the 21 kilometres, the 10 kilometres and the family race. The routes vary, with the longest starting in Stra at Villa Pisani and finishing in Venice at Riva Sette Martiri. This The Lagoon Marathon attracts many foreign athletes as it was the first Italian marathon recognised by the AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races). The 42 km Venice Marathon includes a prize at the finish line for the best male and female participants.

The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon features a sunset start and a circular route through Jesolo. There are two The Lagoon Marathon of 21 and 10 kilometres. There is also the possibility of participating in family events.

The third race is the Venice Night Trail. It features a 16-kilometre route that winds through the calle (narrow streets) of Venice, crossing 51 bridges. This race takes place at night and includes a circular route around the island of Venice.

Each of the three The Lagoon Marathon has a specified participation fee. All three competitions require FIDAL certification, except for the 10 km Venice Marathon and the Venice Night Trail, which have a dedicated section for beginners. We advise you to contact the organisers after reading the regulations.

If you are a fan of competitive or amateur running events, you could participate in one of the three events. After or even before participating in these events, we suggest you visit the lagoon, with the help of our map. If, on the other hand, you are not keen on running races, but are still a sporty person, we suggest you participate in the Su e Zo per i Ponti event. As you can see, Venice always has a lot to offer.