The Venice Biennale is an international exhibition of contemporary art held every other year in the summer. It now includes the Theater Festival, the Festival of Contemporary Dance, the Festival of Contemporary Music, and the Contemporary Art Exhibit. The Biennale di Venezia is always held in odd-numbered years, from June to October.

The host site of the exhibitions is the Giardini Pubblici, where you can find the pavilions of about 40 countries. But during the Venice Biennale, you can find exhibitions throughout the city, such as in the Arsenale. There were 76 countries represented in a recent Biennale. All information about the Venice Biennale can be found in the Venice map of veniceXplorer

The Venice Biennale showcases the strange to the mundane. Expect to see a little of everything as you go from booth to booth or performance to exhibit. It’s all represented so you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

You’ll want to buy tickets ahead of time for music, dance and theater performances. The music festival is one week in early October. Dance performances run for a week in mid June, and the Theater Festival performs during the last week of July. The Art exhibit runs throughout the Biennale from June through November.

Throughout the summer there is something to enjoy at the Venice Biennale. Whether you prefer dance, art, music, or theater, Venice showcases it all.