Coffee Houses

Coffee is an essential part of Italian life. Milky cappuccino with chocolate powder is drunk at breakfast time, and tiny cups of strong black espresso are consumed throughout the day. If you like milk with your coffee, choose a caffe con latte or, with just a dash of milk, caffe macchiato. Black coffee that is not too strong is caffe lungo. A doppio has an extra kick, while a corretto has a good measure of alcohol (usually grappa, brandy or anisette)

In St. Mark’s Square, the Café Florian was the first Coffee House opened in Europe, dating its foundation to December 29th 1720. With Café Quadri, located just in front, it is your best bet for a premier Venetian coffee house. You will pay a lot for the coffee, but if you sit outside, the view and people-watching is priceless. While inside the coffee shop, you’ll find a timeless atmosphere, with original furniture and decoration from the 18th century.