Chiesa della Pieta'

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10.15am-noon & 3-5pm Tue-Fri 10.15am-1pm & 2-5pm Sat & Sun
Calle de la Pietà, 4150 Castello 30122, Venice

Have you seen the church where Antonio Vivaldi created and performed his masterpieces? If not, head to Chiesa della Pietà, one of the remarkable Venice churches. Today, the church is a concert hall, all thanks to its acoustic-friendly oval shape. Many performances happen here. In September, you can enjoy Vivaldi's Four Seasons by the Virtuosi Italiani. It's a splendid idea for a night out in Venice!

Getting to the church

Chiesa della Pietà stands on the Riva degli Schiavoni, one of the best-known Venice streets. It's easy to find on the Venice map if you look for the Castello neighborhood. It's also very close to a few famous Venice churches, including St Mark's Basilica. The most famous St Mark's Square is less than 10 minutes away. You should know that it is where you'll find some of the best Venice attractions. You can walk here from San Marco or take a vaporetto. The closest stop is S. Marco - San Zaccaria. Visiting the church is free of charge, but you can also take a guided tour any day from Tuesday through Friday. 

History & architecture

Chiesa della Pietà is short for Santa Maria della Pietà. Its previous name was Santa Maria della Visitazione. The church we see today emerged in 1760. It connected the original structure, an orphanage, and Ospedale della Pietà. Its design was in the hands of Giorgio Massari, but the facade stayed incomplete until 1906. The exterior design is relatively simple compared to some other Venice churches. Outside, above the main entrance, you'll see a large bas-relief by Marsili depicting Charity. 

Inside the church

As you walk inside the church, you'll be in awe of its interior and the artwork collection it houses. Above the main entrance door, you'll see a painting by Alessandro Bonvicino called Jesus in Simon's House. Then, look up to see the marvelous ceiling frescos by Tiepolo and his aide, Jacopo Guarana. The frescoes depict Strength and Peace and the Triumph of Faith. Chiesa della Pietà has a few chapels, but the one by Giovanni Maria Morlaiter is very charming. It has a beautiful tabernacle decorated with bronze figures. The main altarpiece is the Visitation by Giambattista Piazzetta. Since he couldn't finish the painting, his student, Giuseppe Angeli, completed the painting. At the side altars, notice the precious works by Giuseppe Angeli, Angelo Marinetti, and Maggiotto.

Things to do in the area

The location of Chiesa della Pietà on the Venice map makes it a convenient stop in any Venice itinerary. It's true that Castello, the largest Venice neighborhood, has plenty of exciting sites. You can visit the nearby churches. The closest are San Zaccaria, Santa Maria Formosa, or Francesco della Vigna. All these Venice churches are exceptional and have an exciting history behind them. You can also see the Arsenal, a former Venice naval base, and the exhibition space of the Venice Biennale. To dive into Venetian history, visit the Naval History Museum, located only a few minutes from the church. You can explore Palazzo Grimani or head straight to the Doge's Palace. From there, let our Venice map take you to the St Mark's Basilica, Museo Correr, or San Moise church.