La Fenice Theatre

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Campo S. Fantin 1965, San Marco 30124, Venice

The La Fenice Theater is a legendary symbol of Venice. It's one of Italy's most famous opera houses and one of the finest Venice theaters. Touring this grand venue or seeing a performance is the ultimate Venice experience. La Fenice has suffered several fires and undergone many renovations. Thus, its name, the Phoenix, is a tribute to its incredible history.

Getting there

La Fenice Theater stands in the heart of San Marco, the most popular neighborhood on the Venice map. Three canals surround the theater, making its location very attractive. To get there, you can walk or take a vaporetto. The closest stops are S. Marco and S. Maria del Giglio. 

History & architecture

Over time, La Fenice Theater has suffered a lot but always managed to rise again. The first theater, designed by Giannantonio Selva, opened in 1792. It was a so-called catwalk for the Venetian aristocracy. It was where they could flaunt all their pomp and luxury. In December 1836, La Fenice underwent a fire that destroyed the building. The theater was of absolute importance to Venice. So, the brothers Tommaso and Giambattista Meduna quickly rebuilt it. In January 1996, another fire hit the theater. The small fire set to delay maintenance work destroyed the whole building. The new restoration ended in December 2003. 

Why you should visit

La Fenice is one of the Venice theaters you can't miss. Its gorgeous interior impresses every visitor. There are ornaments, frescoes, red velvet chairs, and massive crystal chandeliers. The theater has an Italian piazza structure with separate loggias and treated wood for better acoustics. The building of La Fenice is vast. It comprises the theater hall, five Apollo halls, the scenic tower, and two side wings. There is also a museum and an exhibition space. 

You can take a tour of La Fenice during the daytime. Or you can enjoy an opera, a concert, or a ballet show at night. It's when the real magic of La Fenice shows itself. The theater hosts many important events in Venice, including the New Year's Concert. 

Things to do in the area

La Fenice has a central location on the Venice map, with many famous attractions nearby. If you're looking for a unique view of Venice, head to the top of Scala Contarini del Bovolo. Known for its external staircase, it's one of the best Venice attractions. You can also visit some Venice museums, such as Museo Fortuny or Museo della Musica. Walking further into San Marco, you'll see the world-known Piazza San Marco with St Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace