Venice – Fountain, well and flowers

Drinking Water Fountains in Venice

Venice was for centuries the undisputed master of the Adriatic Sea and the holder of the spice route and trade with the East. Along with spices, fabrics and the arts, the transport and diffusion of water was one of the reasons for Venice's greatness. Unfortunately, Venice has always relied on the mainland for its drinking water needs. Over the centuries it has also managed to manage its needs with rainwater.

In the city during your tours you will notice wells made of Istrian stone scattered here and there. Those were the wells where Venetians drew water for their daily needs.

Today, on the other hand, you will notice cast-iron fountains scattered around the city continuously dispensing water. The water you will see is fresh, clean and drinkable, flowing continuously. You can drink it and use it to fill your bottles. You will not have to pay anyone, all the water you want will be free. You can fill as many bottles as you like during your stay in Venice. The drinking fountains are continuous-flowing to avoid bacteria. The water is also recirculated to avoid waste. Why spend money on bottles when you have free natural water?

The drinking fountain system is managed by Veritas. Arpav and Asl, together with Veritas, periodically check the water quality and flow. Scattered all over the lagoon, there are 201 drinking fountains, but the ones that are actually working are 140. Most of these fountains have a very sober style in line with the principle of utility enunciated by Veritas spa. Some of them, however, have lion or dragon heads.

In Italy and also in Venice you can get drinking water for free. This will not only make you spend less on bottled water, but you will help the ecosystem on its way to sustainability.