Tipping is a concern for travellers visiting Venice. Too little could be considered rude, but too much of a tip can be viewed as arrogant, flaunting your money as if it were nothing. So, what is the appropriate amount of money to leave as a tip to show your appreciation of the people who’ve served you?

To solve this problem, we need look only to local tipping customs. LocalsLocal’s view tipping as optional and, only required if the service is exceptional. Tipping should be “from the heart”, a gesture of appreciation. There’s no need for a calculator to figure a 15%, 18% or 20% gratuity. You’re better off giving based on your gut feeling and the few guidelines below.

Restaurant Tipping in Venice

Tipping in Venice restaurants is probably the most confusing for tourists. Most restaurants add a 12% service charge called– coperto, which literally means place setting, – for sitting and using the table linen and dishes. But, bear in mind that this charge does not go to the waiting staff, but rather to the owner of the establishment. Waiters and waitresses are salaried in Venice.

When a service charge is included in the bill, there’s no need to leave a tip. But, if you are more than satisfied with the service, you may want to leave 5%-10%. If a service charge is not added to your bill, leave a tip of 12% or so.

If you pay for your meal by credit card, make sure to have cash on hand, as you cannot pay the tip on your credit card; there isn’t usually a line item on the receipt to add one. So, remember to carry cash on you at all times.

Venice Hotel Tipping

A hotel is filled with people around every corner. – tThe concierge, the bellboy, room service and maid service, – whowill all help make your stay more comfortable. The hotel portiere, or concierge, will expect €10 - €20 depending on the amount and quality of service provided in terms of restaurants, taxis and shows arranged for you.

Leave the maid about €1 - €2 per day for the standard double occupancy room. Tip room service or the valet €1 unless you’re staying in a 5-star expensive hotel, where these tip amounts should double. It is reasonable to tip the doorman €1 for calling a taxi for you. And bellboys usually receive €3 - €4 for taking your bags to the room.

Tipping for Transportation

It’s not customary to tip your taxi driver, gondolier or for any other transport service. Airport and train porters charge a fixed rate per bag, so additional tipping is not necessary. There are mixed feelings about tipping the boat driver who helps you lug your bags on and off the boat. Locals will tell you not to tip since he is just being helpful, while others have given tips of €5 - €10 per couple.

There is a fine line between rewarding service personnel for excellent attention and service, and paying someone simply for being kind. Before you tip in Venice, ask yourself if you’re doing it out of a sense of obligation or because you feel they went above and beyond their job to improve your stay in Venice