Venice is a lively city with countless things to do and explore. So many delicious places to eat and drink, beautiful bridges, and sites of the Grand Canal. It might be challenging to navigate the city or get to desired locations. This is where Venice maps, cards, and passes come in to help you navigate the city stress-free. 

Venice Maps - digital & paper

In today's world, a digital Venice map is the first and the best choice to help you navigate the city. You can use apps or online maps, but the best option is an interactive map like the one on Venice Explorer. You can explore all six Venice sestieri, see all the main attractions, and even create your own route. You can also use filters and a search bar to find anything on the Venice map quickly.  

The other option is a classy and old-fashioned paper map. You can buy it upon your arrival in Venice. Usually, it's a combo of a map and a guide, and you don't need an internet connection. But, paper maps have their limitations. First, they can't show some recent and up-to-date information. Second, Venice offers so many options that it's impossible to fit them all on a physical Venice map.  

Venice Cards & Passes

To make your Venice visit effortless and affordable, use Venice cards & city passes. They can save you money and time, so you have more to enjoy this incredible destination. 

Venezia Unica City Pass is the official City Pass of Venice. You can buy and customize it online based on your plans, preferred services, age, and length of stay. This card gives you access to museums and churches, public transport, toilets, and more. You can buy Venezia Unica City Pass on the website and pick it up at one of the Sales and Collection Points. 

A fully-digital option is the Venice Pass, located in an app on your phone. It gives you access to public transport and some selected Venice sites. It also includes experiences like The Glass Cathedral Santa Chiara Murano or making a Venetian mask. 

If you are a young person from 6 to 29 years old, enjoy the benefits of the Rolling Venice Card. It gives you access to discounts on public transport, museums, churches, and more. 

If you want to discover and explore the churches of Venice, get the Chorus Card. It gives you free access to eighteen religious buildings on the Venice map. The price varies but offers great deals for students and families. You can buy it online or in any tourist office in the city.