Where to drink coffee, spritz or prosecco

Italy is not only a country of history, culture and art. Italy also has a lot to offer from a gastronomic point of view. But you don't always have to just sit down at the table to enjoy the goodness of a country. You can enjoy a good coffee with cornetto, a juice or a cocktail while standing. In Italy, and also in Venice, it is very common to drink a cocktail or a coffee while standing at the bar. If the barman is free from work, talk to him, and maybe leave a tip of appreciation.

Try a prosecco in a Venetian bar, especially at the end of the day. Venetians love prosecco and drink it with ease, without having to sit down.  Bacari are another place to sip some local alcoholic beverages. Cocktails such as the Spritz and Bellini are another staple of modern Venetian culture. The original Spritz is made with a dry white, campari, select or aperol & soda. The Bellini is made with blended white peach with prosecco added without stirring. Trying one of these cocktails in Venice is a must.

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Another alternative to drinking alcohol is to 'take a trip' to a pub. Venetian pubs boast a wide variety of international spirits. In the pubs you can also drink good craft beers. Italy has a lot to offer in the world of craft beers thanks to the hundreds of micro breweries scattered all over Italy.If you are a young person we suggest you look for some event organisers that offer spritz crawling or pub crawling.

Venice leaves its visitors amazed when it comes to the landscapes, unique views and vistas it has to offer. If you want to drink a prosecco or a cocktail, we also recommend visiting one of the many rooftop bars in the lagoon. Sipping a pleasant prosecco with a breathtaking view of Venice is an experience to remember. Often smart casual clothing is recommended to enter these places. If you want you can follow our tips for a great night out in Venice.

When you visit Venice try to live like a local, whether it's a coffee at the bar, a spritz at the pub or a bellini on a rooftop.