Nočná trasa v Benátkach

Experience the magic of Venice at night by participating in the CMP Venice Night Trail. This unique annual event offers a chance to weave through the city's enchanting canals and conquer its iconic bridges, all under the magical glow of twilight. It is a perfect mix of sports enthusiasm and the charm of the Venice city centre. 

The first edition of the race took place in 2016. The course has undergone a few changes in the following years and keeps improving. Today, over 3000 runners are part of this unique event. 

A Scenic Run Through the Heart of Venice

The 16-kilometre course winds its way through the heart of Venice. It's like to explore Venice via a secret path revealed only under the cloak of night. Forget wide boulevards; here you'll navigate a maze of labyrinthine "calli" (narrow streets) that twist and turn. Be prepared to traverse a staggering 51 bridges, some wide and grand, others narrow and precariously arched. This adds not just an exciting challenge but also a touch of Venetian charm to the race. That might sound challenging, but the views and the team spirit are worth the effort. Legend whispers that Casanova himself used some of these very passageways to charm his way into the hearts of Venetian beauties. Perhaps a little moonlight magic will inspire your own romantic conquest after the race?

It starts at 9 PM so you can enjoy the cool weather and the best of Venice highlights in the dark. Everybody 16 years and older can participate, including Fit Walkers and Nordic Walkers. You can go at your comfortable pace, as there are three hours to complete the race. Bibs pick-up and all activities take place at the Venice Running Village. The Village is in Venice Tronchetto

Running by Landmark After Landmark

Forget about sightseeing, as usual! This night race transforms Venice into your own personal historical tour. You'll run by famous landmarks, but not like the daytime crowds. Imagine the thrill of speeding past the Doge's Palace or catching the moonlit glow on the amazing Basilica di San Marco as you zip across the Accademia Bridge. Even the Punta della Dogana, normally packed with art fans, will be peaceful for your special moment. All this while, you'll be pushing yourself to finish the race.

The start and finish line of the race is in Venezia Tronchetto. From there, the runners go up to the Biennale, Piazza San Marco, the Accademia Bridge, and Punta della Dogana. Then athletes reach Fondamenta delle Zattere and later San Basilio. The track then goes along the magnificent Giudecca Canal through the port area and to the finish line. 

Where to stay? 

In the case of CMP Venice Night Trail, it’s a bit different than with other running events in Venice. There is no special accommodation area like the Running District for the Venice Marathon. While there isn't an official recommendation on where to stay during the Venice Night Trail, choosing a place near the start/finish line or close to public transportation would be ideal. Our interactive Venice map will help you to search nearby accommodations.

Plan Your Venice Night Trail Experience

The most recent CMP Venice Night Trail took place on April 6, 2024. If you're interested in participating in the future edition, keep an eye on the official website ( for registration details and race updates.

Whether you're a seasoned runner or simply looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience, the Venice Night Trail is a must-do. Lace up your shoes, prepare to be dazzled by the beauty of Venice, and conquer the challenge of this truly special race.