How to Get to Venice by Train

Getting to Venice by train is an ideal solution if you are coming from Milan, Turin, Trieste or Verona. If you are coming from Rome, Florence or Naples, don't forget to take a fast train. In a few hours and for a few tens of Euros you can reach Venice comfortably.

Italy has two railway companies called TrenItalia and Italotreno , both of which run to Venice.

The stop on the island of Venice is Venezia Santa Lucia, a few minutes walk from Piazzale Roma. The other two stops in Venice are on the mainland: Venezia Mestre Station and Venezia Porto Marghera Station.

Using the railway system in Italy is one of the best ways to easily reach Venice. The two companies often compete on ticket prices. We recommend that you monitor the two websites and quickly purchase your ticket. If you have luggage, don't worry, the Italian fast trains are equipped for luggage. Trains offer entertainment and refreshment facilities depending on the class of carriage.

The only 'downside' is the delays in train departures, which you may unfortunately encounter. If you have an aeroplane flight after a train journey, it is advisable to 'keep ahead' of the schedule.

If you want to visit Italy, we recommend that you take the train to see the sights from your window and for the convenience of the service.