Reach Piazzale Roma from Marco Polo Airport

How to reach Piazzale Roma from Marco Polo International Airport of Tessera;


Line 5 operated by ACTV, price 8.00 Euro one way. Price 15 Euro one way. 30-minute journey. If you have a lot of luggage, better not to use this service.

Ticket office: Arrivals Hall

Departure from: Exit Arrivals.

Arrival at: Piazzale Roma


Line 35 operated by ATVO, price 8,00 Euro one way, price 15 Euro return. 20 minutes ride with free wi fi on board and space for luggage. Assigned seats.

Ticket office: Arrivals Hall.

Departure from: Arrivals Hall.

Arrival at: Piazzale Roma


Taxi with regulated taximeter. (White taxi)

Average cost: 40 Euro

Departure from: Arrivals exit

Arrival: Piazzale Roma


Vaporetto Alilaguna BLUE Line and ORANGE Line, price 8,00 Euro one way, price 15 Euro round trip, about 50 minutes.

Ticket office: Arrivals Exit at Porticciolo, buy online.


Airbus (Line 5) plus ship operated by ATCV, price 14 Euro.

Valid 90min allows use of airport bus and ATCV boat service.


Private motorboat or water taxi rental with driver

Ticketing: it is advisable to contact one of the agencies providing this service.