Reach Venezia Mestre FS from Marco Polo Airport

If you travel from Rome, Milan, Trieste, or other Italian cities, you’ll likely to arrive at Venezia Mestre. Mestre and Santa Lucia are the two railway stations in Venice. Since Santa Lucia is on the island, the stations connect through the Ponte della Liberta or the Liberty Bridge. This railway station is open all day long. From Mestre, you can get to the city center by train and explore the best of Venice attractions. 

So how do you get here from the airport? You can go with Line 15, operated by ACTV, or Line 35B Venezia Mestre FS, operated by ATVO. If you prefer a fancier option, you can go by taxi. It will be pricey compared to the bus, but it will give you comfort and privacy away from the crowds.