Passports, Visas and Tourist Tax in Venice

To enter Italy you need a valid passport with an expiry date of more than 6 months. The Italian authorities may refuse you entry if you attempt to enter the country without a valid passport.

A visa is not usually required for tourist stays of up to three months. For other purposes, such as work, study etc, you will require a visa and will have to obtain it from the Embassy or the relevant authorities.  The Italian authorities have set up a website where you can find all the information you need. By entering your nationality, residence, length of stay and the reason for your visit you will be able to obtain all the information you need.

Due to the Covid emergency if you want to enter the country you will have to fill in the EU Digital Passenger Locator.   You will find further information on this site.

We suggest that you ask the Italian authorities in your country of origin and the airline with which you intend to travel for additional information.


Tourist tax in Venice

The "tourist tax" is applied to every single person for every single day spent in Venice. The tourist tax varies according to the tourist season (high and low season), the accommodation facility and the reference territory (Venice historic centre, islands in the lagoon and mainland). This tax is periodically modified by the local legislator. Generally the tax can vary from 1 Euro to 5 Euro. This tax is collected by the hotel, which will pay it to the Municipality of Venice.

People with an obvious disability certified by an Italian or English document are exempt, as is the accompanying person. Minors, drivers and tourist guides for large groups are also exempt. We advise you to contact the hotel for further information.