Books and Gifts

The Goldoni bookshop in Rialto is a favourite with Venetians and tourists alike, where you can find many books and attend book presentations. The Toletta bookshop is perhaps one of the oldest, dating from 1933, but certainly the largest. Many meetings between the public and authors are organised here under SpazioEventi. The Toletta bookshop is also very popular with Venetians and can offer you many books. The Libreria Acqua Alta in Castello has also become popular with tourists because of its furniture-like arrangement of books. Here you will often find book presentations with many intellectuals. This bookshop not only has many new and used books and various objects but is also popular on Instagram. Marco Polo and USATA are two bookshops offering independent books, monthly meetings and events. Flavio, Sabina and Claudio the Marco Polo booksellers manage to give a unique touch to this space, even with music. Libreria Editrice Filippi specialises in texts on Venice, from art to history. Libreria Emiliana dates back to 1837 and offers rare books, modern and contemporary prints. Legatoria Piazzesi boasts of being the first "paper shop" in Europe. As you can see, Venice has a lot to offer culturally, having been a city of intellectuals, artists and scientists for centuries. There is no shortage of bookshops here, but don't limit yourself to our extensive list.

If you are interested in bookbinding using the vegetable-tanning method, Paolo Olbi in Dorsoduro will be able to offer you handmade articles such as diaries, eco-leather albums and doge paper. Also Alberto Valese Maestro Ebru, in his magical space, offers artistic handicrafts from prints to bookbinding.

In Campo San Barnaba, in addition to the scattered stalls, you'll find Venetian craft shops that work with wood. One of the most interesting is Signor Blum, a women's shop founded in 1978 that offers objects made from poplar wood and non-toxic materials. At Signor Blum you will find other products that you can commission. In San Marco, the Venetian artist Livio De Marchi exhibits his wooden sculptures, glass works and paintings. Livio De Marchi's malleability allows him to mould any element he touches into art, which is a must if you want to buy local handicrafts.

As you can see, art permeates every material element, every artistic form and every Sestiere in Venice. With the help of our map try to fully enjoy the variety that Venice can offer you.