There are hundreds of Venice tourist attractions, yet local Venice markets are an experience like no other. At these local markets, you'll find seasonal vegetables like radicchio rosso trevisano, asparagus, and Sant'Erasmo artichokes. You'll also find fresh fish, including sardines, cuttlefish, rays, squid, and clams. You can buy exquisite coffee, salami, cheese, prosecco, and wine in the food shops between Rialto and San Marco. Sounds delicious, right? So let's dig into the best Venice markets, all easily found on our Venice map

Rialto Market

One of the most popular markets among Venetians is the Rialto Market. Founded in 1097 and renovated in 1500, the market maintains the same structure. There are two sections - fresh fish at the Loggia della Pescheria and vegetables and fruit at Campo dell'Erbaria. If you come very early, at dawn, you might see barges full of fruit, vegetables, and fish heading to the market from Tronchetto. The Rialto Market operates from Monday to Saturday from 07:30 until around 14:00. Being the cheapest in Venice, it is also the busiest, especially on Saturdays.

Markets in other Venice neighborhoods

The Rialto market is one of many food markets in Venice. Almost every Venice neighborhood has its market. In Dorsoduro, on Campo Santa Margherita, it is open daily except the weekend. It mainly offers fruit and vegetables. On Campo San Barnaba, you will often find the characteristic Venetian barge parked with agricultural products for sale. Also in Dorsoduro, you can visit the farmer's market Mercato del Contadino, which is open on Monday mornings. There is a wide variety of organic food. In Cannaregio, the Rio Terà di San Leonardo Market operates every morning except Sundays. While in Santa Croce, check out the Mercato dell'Altra Economia with eco-friendly and zero-kilometer goods.  

Markets on the islands surrounding Venice

The islands of the Venetian Lagoon also have fruit and vegetable markets. The two best-known are the Sacco Fisola in Giudecca and the Calle del Pizzo Market in Burano. Another place on Giudecca, the Orto delle Meraviglie (Garden of Wonders), is a market run by prison inmates. It's an intriguing initiative that a true adventurer can't miss! In addition to fruit and vegetables, you can also buy cosmetics and other similar goods. This market, located at the prison entrance, is open exclusively on Thursdays from 9 am to 12 pm. 

Flea markets and antiques

Venice is a perfect destination if you are enthusiastic about flea markets and antiques. These second-hand markets don't always have a fixed frequency, and their open days vary. The most famous is undoubtedly the San Maurizio market, attracting collectors and amateurs for over 50 years. You can also seek out Polvere dei Ricordi, usually between Campo dell'Erbaria, Campo San Silvestro, and Campo Sant'Agnese. It is the second most important market, with interesting items sold by individuals and absolute professionals. On the other hand, the Miracoli market in Cannaregio is the idea of Venetian amateurs who meet on weekends in March, May, and from September to December. Here you'll find many second-hand goods, from books to furniture and clothes. The least frequented market by tourists is the one in Via Garibaldi in Castello. In the mornings, you'll find fruit and vegetable stalls along with antique dealers selling second-hand items all day long.