Many tourists like to visit big cities without the help of local operators. They spend hours and hours researching hotels, creating ad hoc itineraries, adding Single Tourist Services. Some do it out of a passion for planning, some to save money and others because they like to create a unique experience that only they will enjoy. Designing your own trip is part of the journey itself, for these people. We think that Venice can be visited "on your own", but we are also sure that the professionalism of Venetian operators will come in handy. Don't ignore the local operators, maybe you can get help for a transfer, for a guided tour, for some extra service. There are many individual services that Venetian operators can offer you. You can ask for an airport transfer to Piazzale Roma or a train station. You can hire a private boat from the airport or wherever you prefer.

Not only will there be transport services, you can also buy a simple tourist guide or Single Tourist Services, or a skip the line service that many agencies provide. Many agencies offer 'skip the line' services, leave everything to them, and concentrate on enjoying the beauty of the city.

Whatever you need the Venetian operators will be able to help you in what you need to make your stay pleasant and easy.

You can try using the links or contact local agencies.

Remember that our Veice map will always be useful in finding the Single Tourist Services you need.